Property management

For several years we have been offering a complete service of vacation rentals as well as seasonal and annual rentals in accordance with the expectations of the owners.

The rental potential in the area is very interesting and we advise you on all aspects of rental profitability according to your expectations (payment of charges by rentals, maximum profitability ...).

We provide you of course with any type of rental evaluation on the sector in order to optimize at best your investment.

Our ambition : to establish a relationship of trust with you based on your safety,
your comfort and in your best interest.

Annual rental

The 3 advantages of annual rental management :


Systematic accompaniment of the candidate tenants,
Research and selection of the most reliable candidates,
Rigorous control of the elements of their files,
Taking of joint and several guarantees if necessary,
Drafting of leases in accordance with the legislation in force,
Establishment of the inventory of fixtures,
Control of the insurance on the rented property.


Collection of rents and charges, reminders and follow-up of payments,
Establishment of estimates for possible work,
Immediate information of the owner in case of departure of the tenant,
Taking charge of all the steps and payment of the rents,
At the end of the year, establishment of the fiscal document for your tax return,
Payment and follow-up of the charges with the syndics.


Rigorous monitoring of indexation formulas,
Recovery from the tenant of the garbage tax of the property tax,
Assistance with the tax return,
Regularization and adjustment of charges,
Optimization of rents